The Journey Begins...Again

The Journey Begins...Again

Today I am jumping back on board and working hard to get my body in the shape I have always dreamed of.  I am going to use this blog to document my journey and hold myself accountable. 

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with sausage, everything bagel thins with cream cheese

Lunch: grilled chicken, fresh tomato slices, and lima beans

Workout: I am using Kayla Itsines BBG at home workout program. I had made it to week 8, but got off track..bad. Like 3 weeks of eating like crap and not working out once. SO, I sarted back at week 1. Todau's workout was 45 minutes of cardio. I walked around the neighborhood. 

Dinner: Hillshire Farms turkey sausage, pasta with olive oil and Parmesean cheese, sauted zuccini and squash 

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